Campbell River:

The Blue Knights (1967-1968)

The Creations (1968)

Small Craft Warning (1968-1976)




Honky Tonk Heroes (1977-1979)

Powell River:

Blue River (1980-1982)


High Steppin’ Boogie Band (1982-1983)

The Bopsters (1984)

Midnite Wailers (1986-2002)

The Surfdusters (1989-2002)

Rockin Daddys (1998-2012)


Campbell River:

Skunk Hollow (2003-2011)

Rebels Til We Die (2011-     )


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In 1991, I started an independent record label FIREBALL RECORDS. So far, there have been eleven Fireball Records releases in cassette, 7” vinyl and compact disc formats. While the majority were by my band The Surfdusters , others included a compilation of current Canadian instrumental bands and a CD by my Vancouver rockabilly band Rockin Daddys. The latest releases in 2012 are two CDs: Rich Hagensen and the Wailin’ Daddys ‘Callin’ All Cats’ and Rich Hagensen And The Crew ‘Shakin’ Up This Town’. For more information on Fireball Records releases and bands






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